Mission Statement

The mission of the South Australian Ice Hockey Association Inc. is to provide the opportunity for our male and female members to participate in Amateur Ice Hockey in an open, equitable, inclusive and well managed structure.

Our goal is to develop the necessary skills for players at all levels to play Ice Hockey and encourage sportsmanship, fair play, respect for coaches, referees and other players between all participants in an environment designed to enhance their enjoyment – and their physical, mental and social well being.

IHSA EXecutive Board

The Executive Board of Ice Hockey South Australia Inc. is made up of its 4 Executive Members, elected by IHSA Members and 5 Club Delegates, one each from the Falcons, Redwings, Tigers, Jokers & Blackhawks Ice Hockey Clubs.  The Executive Board are responsible for the overall direction and administration of Ice Hockey in South Australia and setting the future strategic plans in place that will see our sport continue to grow.

Current Board members

The 2020 Executive Board is constituted of the following Members:

PresidentGlen Winkler
Vice PresidentEric Lien
SecretaryNicola Reese
TreasurerLaurent Friederich
Blackhawks Delegate
Falcons Delegate
Jokers Delegate
Tigers Delegate
Redwings Delegate
Last updated January 2022


All correspondence should be addressed to:

The Secretary IHSA

PO Box 20

Woddville  S.A.  5011

or contact the secretary at


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b Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm;

Satuday: 10am to 2pm