Summer League

Summer League

Development & Rec League

Summer League

Summer league runs October to March and is focused on development of new players over 16 and recreational hockey. The league is split into 2 divisions, B for development and A for competitive rec hockey

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Who can play

Summer League is open to anybody over 16 who does not currently play in the Winter season. The average age of new players starting in Summer League is 33, its never too late to start

When do we play

Games are usually on Sunday afternoon to evening and Wednesday nights during October to March

How do I Join

For all new players, we hold a try out session in August which allows us to meet you, coaches get to watch you on the ice and then make their selections at a draft night.

To find out more, contact ASL via our facebook page or send us an email

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A Side

Summer league is split between A and B sides. A side is more competitive but a fun rec league.

B Side

B Side is our entry level, focusing on developing your skating and hockey skills. Everyone is out to have fun and learn

Div 3

Brand new to hockey? Div 3 is the perfect place to learn the rules, positioning and game skills in a relaxed environment.

Hockey Academy

The Ice Arena runs the hockey academy during school terms and is broken up into 4 different levels to cater for all levels of skill from beginner to advanced. If you’re enrolled in the beginner program, the Ice Arena can supply a helmet and hockey stick for lessons.

Hockey Academy Coaches are experienced current and past state players

Power and Edges

Want to really understand your skating ability, learn from the best on how to use the edges on your skate blades to control and power your skating. Power and Edges runs during the school term.

The focus of this program is solely on skating.

Contact the IceArena for more details


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