SeasonASL 2021/22 Season

ASL 2021/22 Season

We’re excited to begin the 21/22 season of Adelaide Summer League. The committee has been busy all year working on developing the league into an inclusive for all, structured program focusing on development for new players and competition for the experienced players who enjoy skating around on 40 degree days.

21/22 will see ASL transition into 6 clubs with 2 divisions, B division focusing on development for players and A division focused on creating a fun recreational competitive league.

The new clubs are:

We’ve had an outstanding amount of new players interested in playing ice hockey this year and with the overflow of players, ASL is creating a division 3 league. Combined with the IceArena’s Hockey Academy, players in div 3 will continue to develop their skating and hockey skills as well as play weekly. These players will get the experience and be ready to enter B side in 22/23.

The season starts in November and we can’t wait to watch some great hockey across the league.


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